Since 1973 Heller Gallery has been recognized for playing a seminal role in promoting contemporary sculpture employing glass as its touch stone medium. For more than four decades Heller has exhibited the premier international artists who incorporate glass in their practice and has been a valuable resource for artists, museums, and collectors worldwide.

Numerous artworks have entered prestigious public collections as a direct result of Heller Gallery's exhibitions and advocacy. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art have acquired works from the gallery as have The Corning Museum of Glass, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and numerous museums abroad, including Victoria & Albert Museum, Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Louvre, and Hokkaido Museum, among others. In the past few years alone the gallery has placed works in a dozen museum collections.

The artists who exhibit at Heller work in a broad range of styles and techniques and explore subject matter equally diverse. Some take on the material itself, testing its limits in monumental sculptures or exploring its fundamental qualities in works that play with the interactions of color, light, transparency and form. Others delve into emotion and myth or comment on art history and do so by casting figurative sculptures, painting on glass, or creating complex large scale installations.

After a sequence of locations in Manhattan neighborhoods as diverse as upper Madison Avenue, Soho and the Meat Packing District, Heller Gallery joins the scores of galleries and arts organizations which have settled in the Chelsea Art District, the epicenter of the contemporary art world in New York City. The gallery is now located at 303 Tenth Avenue near the 28th Street entrance to the acclaimed High Line Park.

Though over the years its address has changed, Heller Gallery remains a unique destination in New York City's vibrant art scene.